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Our local pork from Dewsburys Free Range Pork is really becoming a notable choice for our customers; more and more people are requesting this pork and we always try to have it available, however, it can sell quite quickly so to ensure we always have fresh pork available we do have alternate pork from our reliable suppliers in Orange, this pork is also of very high quality and worth having if the Dewsbury free range pork is unavailable.

Our current suppliers of lamb provide us with some of the finest meats that Cowra has available; the lamb we have on display in our front counter is so tender, tasty and juicy that words are not enough, it must be tasted to be believed. There are cuts available for the BBQ, the grill, the stock pot and the oven, what you feel like we have it – choice chops, rump steaks, tender legs (fresh, not old and tough), flavoursome shoulders and much, much more no matter what you feel like or how you would like to have it cooked.

If beef is your preference then we have available a complete range for all of our customer needs; beef that is pasture raised, grass feed and hormone free; beef that is organic or if you require biodynamic we can get that in as well; beef that is grain feed and modelled for that perfect balance of marbling, tenderness and taste. You name it and we will have it and if we don’t then we will always do our very best to get it, one thing for sure is that our beef for you will be of the highest quality.

We have a passion for poultry and are very aware of the treatment of the now humble chicken can be, that is why we only try to source chickens that have been raised in a free range environment, able to roam on grasslands and be actual chickens. If you would prefer organic chickens then ask as we don’t always have them available, this is the same for a wide range of game bird meats such as free range turkeys, spatchcock, quails and ducks, just ask so we can get it in for you.

In store you will find much more, so take a step back in time and come into a real butcher shop where you will feel at home, have the time for a chat and look over the selection of quality meats, delicious treats all with the friendly service you can only find at your local butcher shop.